Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Snow, snow, and more SNOW

With two and a half feet of snow, Grape Hill must be looking superb. We have never seen more than a few inches until this huge volume, so we shall soon find out who has the nearest snowplow for hire. We did not need to get over to Grape Hill to have a white Christmas...a foot of snow outside the door right here. I just walked out for the mail and found two huge limbs down from the weight, having taken out two sections of fence on the way. Fortunately, they missed the house so we can count our blessings. Another good thing is that we never lost power. So, I can use all the wood I have brought inside to make a giant cozy fire for Christmas morning! Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Red rocks startling against blue skies, green-covered canyons with amazing stratification and eroded rock overhangs. The scents of pine and manzanita. There is a creative charge in the air; little wonder that we added our own rock-pile architecture to the happy mounds at Red Rock Crossing. Lots of funny realities, too, like finding out that Sedona isn't an ancient name at all. Sedona Schnebly only died in 1950, when Sedona had a handful of families living on land taken from native tribes. Far from hostile, Sedona has good water and one of the more temperate climates anymore. The thousands of charlatans and believers, millionaires and dropouts have found a special place indeed. The town is a hodge-podge of shops and restaurants, rich developments and tacky housing; not much to recommend man's input, that's for sure. Oh, but those rock formations and canyons...the ever-changing shading throughout the day, the stars and shadows at night...spectacular.