Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Swimming upstream.

I try to make some improvements every year.  It was the new windows last year, and the outdoor shower.  Sue is wanting to see some landscaping right around the house.  We debate about that one, as I like the raw, unfinishedness and the open, agricultural quality.  Just don't cotton to much citified elements here.

This year, the plan is to pour a new slab connecting the front patio to the south-facing view.  Doubt that, this year, I will get around to putting in the arbor and grapevines over the new patio, but it will come, it will come.

The 2009 cabernet, "Liliana", is embarrassing me.  I can't quite accept that I made wine this wonderful and instead have decided that I lack all objectivity where the wine named for our lovely daughter is concerned.