Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Shortcuts to Shopping, etc.

Grape Hill is five miles north of Highway 12, just about due north of the airport. The speed limit is 50 MPH on Middle Waitsburg Road, so the run is quick. Takes seven minutes to get to Starbucks, which is right at the center of old Main Street.

The easiest, shortest way to get in to Albertson's and other local shops and restaurants, is to take Middle Waitsburg Road along the airport fence and then take the first left turn as the road banks to the right. This leads immediately to a Tee and you will want to bear to the right. Follow this street (turns into Wellington) as it goes beneath the freeway and then turn left as you pass Lumberman's. In two more blocks you'll see Wilbur and Albertson's will be on your right. Albertson's is open 24 hours and there is an ATM at the bank in the same location. The Blue is open late and is right across the street at the corner of Wilbur and Isaac.

The big boulevard beyond Albertson's is Isaac. Turning right on Isaac leads to Whitman College, to downtown and Starbucks. Turning left on Isaac leads to the Community College and to the airport.

Turning left coming out from Grape Hill, Middle Waitsburg Road runs north to Waitsburg. This is a lovely drive and there are some great spots in Waitsburg. (When winemakers are done for the day and hanging out, lots of the young ones show up at the brewery and at the jimgermanbar in Waitsburg. For architecture afficianados like me, Waitburg and Dayton have many great old homes and buildings to enjoy.)

When you come out from Grape Hill, you can also take Smith Road over to Sapolil and then out to the highway. This is the fastest route to Mill Creek, but have a map along unless meandering sounds like fun.

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