Friday, June 12, 2009 I write this to myself?

So. I haven't fully figured out this blogging activity. Is this my private diary? Does anyone else ever read this? I've never had a comment. Are comments enabled? I'm keeping a diary!

David and Barbara are coming up next week to spend time with us at Grape Hill. I cannot wait to see them! I will still have the plumber out to put in the lines for the new outside shower, but the shower itself will have to wait. The plan is to get the post in place and set up the shower head, and I will build the stall next time out.

David and Barbara will be staying downstairs, so this will be the first time that Sue and I have stayed upstairs in the huge bed. Looking forward to that, too. Just picked up the new LCD TV for the upstairs, along with the mounting bracket, so I will get that set up and also install the real blinds for the new upstairs window (if they ever arrive!).

These last visits to Grape Hill have been theraputic, which was welcome considering the stresses that we have been under. But this trip, this is all for joy. Joy in being alive, joy in sharing Grape Hill with great pals, joy in getting level again after a long tough patch. Too many people are hurting right now, more than ever it seems so.

I'm going to fly a kite.

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