Friday, September 18, 2009

Big Whine

The syrah is destined for the drainpipe and not my gullet, I'm afraid. Did a big blending session on Wednesday night and nothing tasted right. Great mouth feel, beautiful concentration, but an overall off flavor. Bob Betz was very gracious to help me out on Thursday. The verdict is that I mangled the syrah...left enough air space for some negative processes to occur that ran amok during the hot spell this summer. Sad news. These grapes deserved better. I am now convinced that the wine experts are correct...Grape Hill has the "it factor" for terroir. These grapes deserve better than me. So sad that Stan Clarke is not around. On my own, I had better get much better fast to do these justice. The cabernet survives, which is some comfort, but the 2008 cab was not anything to what the syrah should have been. I will do better in 2009, but so much to learn... My goodness, these are truly spectacular grapes. What the hell am I doing to be in charge of this effort? Just plain wrong.

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