Thursday, November 5, 2009

Barrel tasting the '09s

Yipee! It's far too early to be sure, with the syrah especially, but my oh my. Right now, the two-yeast cab is my favorite, with so many elements and power to spare. Surprising that it is not overwhelming, just BIG on flavor. Hope the mouth feel will be matching glyceral piece yet, but still mid-malolactic so that may come around soon. As much as I am enjoying these youngsters, it does seem wrong somehow to be doing this as an amateur. This deserves professional focus under the tutelage of a master. I have so much to learn. There really are no short-cuts; the vines need to grow, the wine needs to age, the wine maker has to learn how to listen to the grapes and the wine. Endless possible combinations, constant response to each growing season, experiments that succeed and more that fail. I will not be surprised to get dazzling wines, but I will not deserve much praise should we be so fortunate. Unknowns have won the World Series of Poker plenty of times, but they don't win twice.

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