Thursday, June 3, 2010


Wet and chilly has been the springtime mode this year.  For now, the vines are loving it.  Let's hope for some heat units starting in the next couple weeks!  The outside shower is actually good fun in bad weather, but I seem to be the one and only when it comes to appreciating that bit of fun. 
Big red wines still taste right for now.  But soon, let's hope, a crisp dry rose for quaffing at Big Table.  I've been tasting more interesting and worthwhile local Walla Walla roses of late; more substance and flavor with mourvedre and cinsault and grapes that seem to lend themselves to the styles of rose that taste right, at least right to me. Not like flat soda pop, driven by some RS off sweet fruit.  Yes, it is decided, this summer a nice big tasting...Bandols and Provencal roses along with the best of Walla Walla's new roses.  Good give us the sunny afternoon to go for it!

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