Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dumd, dumb, dumb, but it's MY blog...

So, I just got the newspaper. It's early morning, rabbits pattering around, birds jostling through the ground leaves. I noticed a new root crack in the driveway and looked up. This one is from a cedar, split into two and growing straight up like two competing towers.  I remember trimming it when it was about six feet tall.  It, they, are now more like fifty feet high. I had to cut away two broken limbs from the plum tree beside the driveway just yesterday. That plum was twenty feet shorter when we moved here.  I am always looking up and thinking about that measure of time, the trees I have planted, when I planted them, and how tall they have become, often crowding one another and jogging for the light.  In another month, Liliana goes to college.  We raised all three of them from babies here and now they are all gone.  That is one thing about Grape Hill...no trees. Nothing to measure time. Timeless. Permanent.  Wow. No kids in the house.  Makes me cry.

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