Friday, October 3, 2008


I have a deep reassurance in having land, a comfort that comes from a deep well and good cold water, open horizons. That ease and security was in the abstract a month ago, touching my innermost soul yet telling me that I'm a throwback. appreciating times before history was written and civilizations were made. Amazing how quickly things have changed. Having this land has become fundamental, practical, immediate. At Grape Hill we are several solar panels away from power and water independence. This land can support crops and grazing animals, too.
A month ago I had an idea for cattle collars with GPS chips inside and wireless reception so that I could program the chips to shock cattle into herding in remote comntrolled, pre-set computerized directions...letting us have grazing animals without putting up fences. A whimsical notion!
In just a month what we thought of as silly certainly changed and those computerized chips sound mighty practical. Nobody likes turning on the TV and having leaders scaring the crap out of us. Having a good bit of land makes those guys seem pretty small.

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