Saturday, November 8, 2008


Adding more windows this coming week and adding plantings for the first time other than the vines. The electrical transformer will go away behind a low hedge...not sorry to see it going. Also thinking to plant yuccas just outside the front door to create a nice spot for the chaise lounges and shelter the parking areas off from the house. How many years will it take to grow two trees big enough to handle a hammock with me on it?

Two new windows will go onto the south wall of the sitting room, looking out to Dry Creek. We have determined for now not to move ahead on the next phase of the building, so we are moving forward adding additional views both downstairs and upstairs.

Come Spring, I will add the outside shower. Cannot wait to be showering outside while looking out to the distances. Give me a teepee with a view over a dark palace any day!

Jerusalem artichokes are native, too. I wish that I had help with this many dirt clods to remove is a tough call.
The plantings are challenging...walking the fine line between enhancement and distraction. Wanting so much to keep the pure flavors of fresh food raw from the garden! It is just way too easy to lose the magic behind too much makeup.

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