Thursday, November 20, 2008


After ten or twelve rentals, we just had our first renting guests who didn't "get it". Actually, these were guests of our renters and not the renters themselves. The couple who rented from us totally loved Grape Hill. From what I understand, these other people never got off their Blackberries long enough to look up and take a deep breath. That brings me to Thanksgiving. Despite all the negative news in the economy and the stress out there that can easily be found, there is so much more joy and beauty that comes knocking at the door just waiting to be let inside. I ate the best pomegranate of my whole life just the other night. Wow! Looking forward tonight to making an appetizer of whipped eggs scrambled with chevre and topped with a filet of sole poached in white wine. Doesn't that sound good! Don't know about you, but I find the smell of Starbucks beats the heck out of the flavor of their coffees. Maybe I'll just sit in one of their deep chairs, read the paper, and take in the aroma. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It is going to be especially great this year with my dad healthy again and the whole extended family making the trip from back East and LA and Seattle to share time together. Sue loves cooking for everyone and we all get to be loud and festive without religious focus or presents. Not even Hallmark has horned in on Turkey Day. Only one question...why is it always the Detroit Lions playing football on TV?

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