Sunday, April 19, 2009

Busy busy fun.

I choose this color for Spring is in the air. Carlos and Ricardo and their families have just finished pruning the vines and David is going to weed the roadway up to the house. I'm sure hoping that Sue's Girls' Weekend coming up is great fun for her and her buddies. How could it be otherwise?
This is going to be her first time ever without me. Between construction and the vines and tending the fields, I may have spent as much as two months on my own, but this is a first. We decided not to have our "Farmhouse Weekend" this year, but we will both be faithfully back together for Balloon Weekend. By then, I'm hoping that we will have in the new windows, too! The outside shower and other advances will follow during the summer.
Big Table will see lots of sunsets, wood fires, and light of every shape and color reflected off cheerful wineglasses.

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