Saturday, April 11, 2009

Whitman College

Liliana flew over with her friends Mel and Kelsey to visit Whitman during the open house for prospective freshmen. Both her brothers got in to Whitman and neither wanted to attend. Liliana is also lukewarm. Of the three girls, only Mel seems to want to apply.

I don't get it. The quality of the programs, the close-knit campus life, the passionate educators...Whitman is wonderful! From all the universities we visited with the boys and all the conversations that we have had with other students, only two other colleges have rivaled the abounding joy we keep hearing about from the students. They love Whitman. Very similar responses to Middlebury and to Wesleyan, but rare! Maybe Liliana knows that I want to make her the official gopher-getter if she attends...

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