Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Landscaping Questions

Sue wants to landscape. I don't get it. We're on 100 acres with thousands of acres all around. That's the landscape, not lawns and lavender and ornamental grasses. Sometimes it feels strange even to mow the natural grasses or spray the weeds coming up the driveway.

There are thin lines between natural and aggrandized notions, between basic and junkyard blues. Why should everything be completed, mastered, man made? I like a great Belgian beer in its very own special glass, but a long neck is damned near perfect all by itself. The best thing would be to have everyone who wants to modify and finish the surroundings to go ahead and draw it up just as they would want it. Then keep the drawing!

Completion creates observers. Critics, too. Raw is just about raw. Begging participation. Makes me smile. Makes me want to get laid. To each his own.

The outdoor shower makes me feel the temperature and think about what temperature I want to feel at that moment. Not the same temperature that is my regular comfortable automatic go-to feeling. Cold COLD water from 305 feet down our well. Hot water like the sun throbbing, baking into the soil.

Fell asleep the other night while watching shooting stars. Why did I move inside at all?

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