Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Long Road

Waking up early, we drove from Seattle to Troutdale (3 hours) then began a slow meander through the Columbia River Gorge. Lovely waterfalls, sturgeon viewing (they are HUGE), lunch at Skamania Lodge. Very pretty sights and a rally of classic Chevrolet cars that we were seeing across several hours. 50's Bel Airs, 40's woodies, sixties Novas, seventies 'Vettes, even some much older twenties trucks and sedans. My favorite part was the windsurfers and kite surfers. If we do this again, we're staying put for a night in Hood River and I'm going to watch these guys for hours then find a tavern and watch them enjoying themselves afterward. What fantastic sport! So elemental...wind and water!

Been thinking on relating to elemental experiences, this farm (land), my firepit (duh!), starting to kite (wind), my boat (water). As I get older, these connections are becoming as important as relationships with people. Wow...those guys on the river!!!

We checked out Maryhill Winery. Cool spot (we could do the same natural amphitheater right to the east of the house...all I need is a bulldozer and a reason). Did not think well of the wine. All safe, lightweight, commercial stuff. Inoffensive is the word best I can say.

Beyond Maryhill, the drive through Hermiston and Pendleton and Milton Freewater just went on and on. Been there, done that.

I think I'll go and try to assemble the new kite. That wind is calling.

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