Friday, July 31, 2009

Having time for others...

It keeps coming back to that fourth dimension- Time. Somebody should take a stop-watch and secretly time the amount of time that we can get in impromptu conversations with strangers on the street. Would it correlate that more time equals happier people?

This past week, I got online and searched out people in Walla Walla who might know something about telescopes. Sue and the kids bought me such a nice birthday present and I don't know the first thing about setting up and using the telescope. So, I called around in Walla Walla to see if anyone might be willing to instruct me if I paid them? I figured to find a student with some extra time in the summer. Instead, one of the leading astronomers in the region happily suggested that I bring over the telescope so she could teach me! What lovely kindness to a total stranger.

My kite is meant to arrive any day "advanced beginner" model rated up to 24 mph windspeed. With no idea of how to fly it, I tried again on the web to locate somebody who might want to help me out. Turns out that Walla Walla is the headquarters for the nation kite-flyers association. Perfect!

Kites, telescope, and the outdoor shower. My goodness...cannot wait to be back to Grape Hill!

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