Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's all about time.

The fourth dimension. Do we control time, does time control us? What is the ultimate request...more time. One of the cool things about vinyl records, beyond the fidelity, was seeing the wheel turning and having the switches to make a singer sound like I expected or sound like Bela Lugosi or like Alvin and the Chipmunks. Time and pace mattered. I still enjoy the spatial reinforcement of seeing hands moving around a clock face, too.
The pace at Grape Hill works for me. Maybe the thumping intensity of a rage party works for others...don't know and don't presume to know?
Sue just upped and suggested that we run over to the farm for an unplanned four day jaunt. How cool that is! Taking advantage of a bit of open time...adding layers to the time. Putting our fingers onto that fourth dimension.
My mother and father are with us on a short visit. They have suggested that all of us go on a cruise in August. Sue is inclined to wait and put it off until next year. I'm thinking about that pesky fourth dimension- it's a tricky one. I'd rather the time we have and fill it up to the counting on time.

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