Tuesday, July 7, 2009

winning and losing

twas a tricky one, this trip sue was going through some tough times with her first bout of ms...her left leg didn't want to work at all she is so amazing, making the best of things rather than dwell on the negative, she spent an entire day in the window seat cataloging recipes and sent me off to play texas hold 'em at the blue came home with a nice pocketful of othr people's money so off we went to jimgermanbar to spend it i still have not got 'round to finishing the outdoor shower, but all the parts are in the shop and i'm ready for next time
fourth of july was spent at the next place over with jay and debbie and their family nice people all the kids were all telling jokes and the raspberry rhubarb crumble was a knockout afterward sue and i sat out on the patio and watched fireworks displays in the distance the wind was blowing south so not a sound only the flashes
sounds came on sunday with an amazing thunderstorm sending zips of lightning down all round us and pelting down raindrops the size of peanuts pretty thrilling really...all that power and glory great clouds all weekend
we drove through selah and out yakima canyon on the way home got lost on the outskirts of selah and waived down a car going the opposite direction I asked the fellow which way is the yakima canyon road and he said follow me as we drove for a few miles i thought what a coincidence it was that he was going in the same direction when we got to the mouth of the canyon he waived and turned around to drive back to town man...how nice is that such a good guy yes, they are out there and i might just be one of them hope so

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