Wednesday, February 2, 2011

High Activity Ahead

May is booked, and weekends are getting booked up fairly quickly across the last week...some going out as far as November.  Sue and I nabbed Balloon Weekend, of course.  We need to sit down to figure out our own times during the summer heat, plus we are thinking to add a harvest celebration to compliment our regular May get-togethers.  Thinking about how much fun it will be to bring in grapes, crush, and then have a really fun evening meal after everybody gets silly.  Maybe we will all take turns getting cleaned up in the outdoor shower.  That sounds so banal "outdoor shower"...he, she , it, deserves a name!  Little Vineyard, Big Table, how about Wet Vistas?  Have to think about that one...afraid that it might turn up in some pretty weird places if I were to Google that one!

Getting ready for blending the '09s. The cabernets are flat out wonderful.  I don't have a full handle on the syrahs...that gamey, barnyard, bacon thing is more than I can get my mind around.  Do I celebrate it by leaving well-enough alone?  Do I tamp it down with some of the brighter flavors from the Brunello-yeasted free-run cab?  So many decisions!

 It really is a joy to look forward to serving Bogin wines during this year's Grape Hill celebrations.

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