Sunday, April 17, 2011

Shane and Connor Blends ready to bottle.

Oh my! The fruits of eight years are coming together in the glass.  I had thought that the Liliana would be the top wine from our first really complete year on five year old vines (100% cabernet from a multi-yeast small lot blended back together after fermentation).  Not so sure now. Everything is tightly-would and adolescent at best, yet the blends are pretty dazzling.  Shane is 67% cabernet and 33% syrah.  Connor is 60% syrah and 40% cabernet. All the fruit is from Little Vineyard.  After about three hours on air, each started showing beautiful elements.  Reminded me of some of the blends from Bunnell Family Vineyard in Prosser, which I had not expected.  Dense, intense wines with tons of body.  The fruit is as good as it gets.  Bottling this week! 

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