Monday, June 6, 2011

Please Mr. Sunshine, come out and play!

Oh my. All these years and only now have I learned what weeds really are all about.  Bought a riding mower and have made additional arrangements after the weeds grew 2.5 feet in two weeks.  Rain, rain, and more rain.  Despite all the heavy rainfall, the vines are looking promising, with better budding than any other vines we have been seeing.  No evident damage from the November freeze.  Wish it had not hit so many so hard.  Too many dead vines with no foliage at all.

A very nice time with Steve and Kate.  Great company.  Delightful food and wine.  First time tasting Adamant wines and quite liked these...full flavors front to back with long finishes.  Must try more!  Liked the Beresan semillon, too.  Tried Stevenson Cellars and enjoyed his focus on high acids and piercing flavors.  Ran into mediocrity at several spots, but nothing offensive.

We had a few moments of nice sunshine then zoomed back to Seattle to pick up my folks and sister for Shane and Connor's graduation at UW.  Still getting used to having two graduates, both gainfully employed and on their way.  Connor has been coming out to Grape Hill with friends and "gets it".  Hoping that Shane will spend time on the farm this summer so he has some attachments set before moving to Minneapolis to start his job.  He will be missed!

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