Thursday, October 1, 2009


I'm 3/4 recovered from the brutal day on Tuesday, taking down the nets, harvesting, driving 4.5 hours, then crushing. Way too much for one person. So it goes. I would not trade it for anything, of course, but better planning means bringing along more friends to help out.
The 2008 cab has got to be bottled to make some room for the 2009 juice on its way. Bright and delicious notes with good fruit flavors. Nothing complex...low oak and an iffy harvest season left the berries a lot more approachable than 2009's serious fruit. We'll get only about 4 cases from the '08s. The '09s look to be bigger, bolder, and potential for 20 cases. So, the dishwasher is filled with cooling new bottles, the corker is set in place, and let the games begin!

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