Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Extremely cool people.

We haven't done much to promote rental stays at Grape Hill. Just posted on the one website, VRBO.com #155659. After about a year and a half, word of mouth has spread and sometimes we need to reserve and plan in advance to stay here ourselves. But it feels really good, all the same. We have had passionate wine afficionados, writers, artists, super nice people with family members who live in Walla Walla, and, more and more, visitors from across the US and other countries, too. I don't get to hear from every person, but those who do write us a note or comment on VRBO have loved the time at Grape Hill. Rainy days and baking summer sun hasn't seemed to matter a whole lot. (Watching storms across the fields really is magical.) We did have one couple who got exhuberant with their baby oil, but we didn't want an explanation as to how it got on the walls and on one ceiling. Seemed to clean up pretty easily. So far, the outside shower has been a joy, proving that I am not the only one who likes sudsing up with a view of the world.
Sue came up with the idea of only having original art in the house. We are looking forward to our first artistic entry from a local artist with a wide eye for beauty who is quite smitten by Grape Hill...simpatico with us!
More and more, it seems, Big Table is the venue for wonderful, conscious long meals and conversation. Funny how many folks do like we do and prefer to cook together and not go in for meals as much. Must say, it is really great to enjoy the setting and not have to think about drinking and driving at all. The attrition for our good stemware has been brutal, but c'est-la-vie. I sure hope that the farmers market is well attended and appreciated by Grape Hill alums!

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