Friday, October 23, 2009

Pretty pretty syrah.

What is it in me that makes me see wines along masculine and feminine lines? Drank a couple glasses of the new syrah last girlish and bright! Just put it onto oak for the first time, so things will change, that is for certain. Right now, red currants and earth are the predominate notes.

The cab is probably down to zero brix about now. I am leaving it to off-gas until tomorrow, then pressing. This is such a different grape from the syrah...all boy, and tough! "Dare me", it says. "I'll do anything!" This is Steve McQueen trying to jump his stolen motorbike across the fence into Switzerland. The flavors hit so takes concentration to get past the punch.

Man...I had better not screw these up. There is some serious wine coming on.

Had a bottle of the new cab 08 bottling. Very hard at first. More approachable after some air, but still dark and intense. Sue liked it better than I did. I ignored the remainder in a glass for three hours. That last drink was astonishing. Totally distinct from the prior tries, this one was all bright cherries and glycerine with something added in the mid-palate (cloves?). Must give this some time and another try...special prospects that I had not anticipated after such high acids and a difficult growing season. It takes a real wine afficianado to imagine that these can be grapes from the same vines year to year, what with the 09s so huge and completely different from these 08s.

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